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Our Story

Our Story | Sutti Skin


At Sutti Skin, we believe simple and effective ingredients are the best for our skin.

As a retired flight attendant who flew around the world for more than 8 years,  I took my skincare regime very seriously. Being in extremely dry environments constantly, I tried all kinds of skincare products from around the world but none of them seem to show enough results to change my life. Until now. 

Sutti Skincare was founded in 2019 – a brand on the belief of offering cruelty free products to achieve beautiful skin without costing your wallet or time. 

After consulting with a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Sutti’s magic formula was created based on the research by the development team from experienced Australian chemists.

I hope to save you time and money (which I spent excessively), with Sutti's simple and effective products and special 3 minutes regime anyone could do.

We love what we have created and hope you will love Sutti as much as we do. We believe our products will change your life completely forever!

Peach Sutti
Founder & CEO
Sutti Skin



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