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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Retinol

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted  To Know About Retinol

Aging is like that person at the grocery store who knows no boundaries. You know the one – you’re standing in line to pay, and it’s as if they want to get close enough to smell you. You move forward, but they shuffle onward with you. You just can’t get away from them, no matter how hard you try.

But we digress. Point is, aging is inevitable, and no matter how hard you try to keep it at arm’s length, it’s always going to be in your face. Aging is both a blessing and a curse. We’re all destined by nature to watch our youthful glow slowly fade as the visible signs of aging set in, from wrinkles to age spots, skin tags, thinning skin, lost elasticity, an increase in fatty tissue, dryness as natural oils diminish…you’re not alone. We all have to go through it at some point or another Or do we?

While we can’t turn back the clock, we can leverage one of mother nature’s best-kept secrets in the world of skincare, and its name is retinol.


What Is Retinol?

First off, it’s important to understand the difference between retinols and retinoids – the latter of which is more potent. Certain retinoids are available over the counter, but stronger formulas require a prescription from your dermatologist. High-strength retinoids are generally needed in severe cases of acne or pigmentation, but they often carry unpleasant side-effects like the infamous “retinol burn”. For those looking for something that’s gentler on the skin – something that doesn’t leave you a red flaky mess – all you need is 1% retinol.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.


What Does Retinol Do For Your Skin?

Instead of other anti-aging products which do little more than remove dead skin cells, retinol goes deeper. In a nutshell, retinol is undoubtedly one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients available in Australia and the world today. It nourishes, hydrates, and heals your skin on contact, working to improve various other aspects of your overall health as well. Derived from Vitamin A – with a miniscule molecular structure able to easily penetrate the lower skin layers – retinol digs deep to reach and replenish your natural supply of collagen and elasticity. Loss of these things is the most notorious culprit behind the visible signs of aging, and that’s what retinol works to repair with every single application.


What is Retinol Good For?

While collagen is the key to youthful-looking skin, it’s also one of the first things our bodies start to produce less of as we age. This breaking down of collagen contributes significantly to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, thinning, and sagging – but retinol can reverse this to a huge extent. Professionally formulated retinols – when used consistently – can effectively increase hydration levels and improve texture.


Retinol also improves something called “mottled pigmentation”, which refers to skin that’s lighter in some places and darker in others. Most notably, retinol works hard to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the clock, while minimizing pores and supporting the health and nourishment of any skin tone. It nourishes dry skin and balances out acne-pro skin.

If you’re searching for the best anti-aging products on the market, you’ll need to do your homework. But don’t worry – we’ve already done the research for you, and here’s what we can tell you. You need a retinol that’s simple yet effective. Potent yet kind to sensitive skin. That’s why we mentioned a mere 1% retinol, making sure your face doesn’t feel like it’s on fire when it’s time for your skincare routine morning and night.


What are Retinol Serum’s Benefits?

Retinol brings those plumper cells closer to the skin’s surface, while rapidly exfoliating old keratinocytes to unclog pores and keep your skin feeling (and looking) refreshed. Your surname doesn’t need to be Einstein to see that retinol truly is the closest thing we have to magic when it comes to anti-aging serums.


The best retinol serums on the market contain the hero active ingredient, NV Retinol, which is encapsulated in liquid particles. This way, sensitive components remain stable and effectively oxidize after skin permeation. This turns the retinol into potent retinoic acid, promising optimal wrinkle reduction and skin whitening action.


What’s The Best Retinol Serum in Australia?

If you’re looking for a 1% retinol serum that’s everything it claims to be on the bottle – with no secrets or shoddy ingredients – then you need Sutti Skin. Our deeply hydrating 1% retinol serum is carefully formulated with a star team of equally strong ingredients which, together, brighten and hydrate the skin to the max. Our retinol serum in Australia is bursting with skin-nourishing Vitamin A, normalizing the skin, evening out tone, and moisturizing every cell from the outside in. And the fact that it’s 1% retinol means you never have to worry about painful side-effects or overuse.


Here’s why ladies (and gents) from all over Australia (and the world) choose Sutti Skin.


Our 1% retinol serum:


  • Increases cellular turnover
  • Shrinks pores
  • Protects against photo damage
  • Boosts collagen production and restores lost elasticity
  • Fights and reverses the visible signs of aging

Using Sutti’s 1% retinol serum is as easy as spreading a pea-sized drop over your face and neck in the evening. A little goes a long way, penetrating and soaring through every layer of your skin to restore your dewy glow, your youth, and your confidence. In fact, you might even see the effects of retinol the very morning after you apply, with the smooth glowing appearance you’ve been trying to dream of…


But don’t take our word for it. Click here to see what our clients have to say about our retinol serum benefits and how our formulation performs in comparison with other “similar” products. Want it? Get it now. The plump, poreless skin you’ve been missing is still there – all you need to do is unlock it.

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